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Here is a list of packages that I offer to support you in your journey from M.E to Human Being 
(because I know I didn't feel like a fully functioning Human when I had M.E)

Basic DIY Recovery Plan 
This plan contains dietary suggestions and personal healthcare suggestions along with products to avoid, foods to avoid, and a whole lot of general advice based on my personal experiences and what your body needs to start repairing itself.
This plan is ideal if you want some information to start with, to get you pointing in the right direction to wards full control over your own health.

If you wish to purchase the Basic DIY Recovery Plan (which is an e-book) please click on this link. 


If you live locally and you would like me to be your 

Health Coach 

I have some personalised pricing plans available starting at 

25 GBP for a one off consultation

160 GBP for a block booking of 8 sessions 

*all payable in advance*

And of course - these personal sessions are not just about showing you exercises to get your body stronger and fitter and aid your recovery - I will naturally be coaching you, discussing nutrition and diet and monitoring your progress so it will be a lovely one-to-one, full attention on YOU session

Please contact me by clicking here info@frommetopt.co.uk

Please do not hesitate to contact me about anything. 
Don't forget - I have been the "living dead" 
I know where you are coming from 

Annie. Personal Trainer & Wellness Warrior - Health Coach

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